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Fiona Lee Makeup Artist & Hair - Professional Makeup Artist and Brow expert
About Fiona Lee
A Londoner born and bred, Fiona always had a passion for beauty inside and out.  When Fiona graduated from Thames College specializing in Art and design, she then went onto explore her knowledge to a more advanced level.  By studying at Center Stage Makeup Studio she learnt SFX, Makeup, Sculpting & Creating Prosthetic Pieces, Character work for TV, Film & Theater and Hair.   Fiona of kick started her passion for makeup and the beauty industry in her home town of London, but her career truly kicked off in the late 90’s when she moved to the place they call the Big Apple, New York City.   There in New York, Fiona worked with notable companies, as a cosmetics advisor and advisor like Stila, Shu Uemura, Nars and Bergdorf Goodman. Introducing new beauty products to major fashion magazine editors, like Elle, Vogue, Teen Vogue, InStyle and Harpers Bazaar, was all in work for Fiona. She also got into more of the fashion side of makeup doing New York Fashion Week and has had the pleasure of working with makeup gurus like Gucci Westman, Polly Osmond, and Kabuki to name a few. By 2005 and a list of films, shows, TV and advertisements under her belt, Fiona moved to LA where she continued perfecting her skills and fell in love with the concept of brows with Anastasia for whom she worked for in Beverly Hills. From there she moved to Dallas TX and sort more on an Esthetician level. Studying at places like International Dermal Institute and ITS Academy College of Aesthetics, Debonair Science of Intradermal Cosmetics. Fiona’s natural ease and down to earth personality help create an environment of trust and open communication with her clients.  Fiona’s motto is to get to someone’s true physical beauty you first have to see their inner beauty.

I welcome the opportunity to your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


Hours: Freelance on request.
Mon - Fri: Appointment Only
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Call or Text for Bookings (917) 607 6599                      

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